Company Profile

VUB a.s. (VUB Co.Ltd.) is a legal successor of the original national enterprise established in 1949. VUB Usti nad Orlici is known in the textile world as a company with long-years´ experience and tradition in the field of textiles and textile machinery. In the 60´s VUB became an important centre of research and development in the field of textile machinery. A lot of important innovations - e.g. OE rotor spinning technology, multi-phase weaving technology - have come to the textile world just from this place. Original research institute was fundamentally transformed after 1990 into private joint-stock company oriented towards manufacturing, marketing and servicing activities. In this connection and in accordance with actual development on the market scene and opportunities low-efficient activities were reduced and re-organized significantly with the goal to keep and/or reach maximum competitiveness of the whole company. Main attention within all activities is focused on the quality of all processes - since 2001 VUB is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


applied research and development in the field of textile and textile machinery

  • applied research and development for textile industry and textile machinery for Czech and also important foreign business partners
  • continuous improvement of spinning machines and technologies
  • research and development of production of special functional yarns based on OE rotor spinning technology
  • research and development of technology for manufacture of staple multi-component yarns for special applications (flame resistant, antibacterial and antistatic yarns suitable for technical as well as clothing applications - e.g. protective wear for health service, electro-technical industry, rescue service...)

specialized machinery production

Design, development and manufacture of special and/or single purpose machines and devices represent most significant part of economic potential of VUB. We have realized extensive improvement of the whole machinery park and replacement of original machines for up-to-date CNC centres. This part of activities should play leading role in company business also in future years. 

  • custom-made design, construction and manufacture of special single-purpose machines and devices for new production technologies including full technical service after setting into operation 
  • improvement of technical level and serviceability of older and/or out-dated machines and devices, their renovation and modernization 
  • various manipulation lines and devices tailored according to customer´s needs 
  • manufacture of scarce spare parts for machines and devices incl. the renovation of older parts according to customer´s needs

special textile production

In the field of textile production VUB is focused on development, production and commercialization of OE rotor spun yarns and special final textile products :

  • rotor blend spun yarns with the share of flax, hemp, 100% flax fibres
  • high-functional rotor blend spun yarns for special and technical applications - heat and flame retardant yarns, antibacterial, antistatic, multifunctional
  • special textiles as well as protective and working end-products marketed directly by VUB under the registered trademark CleverTex®

special information services

Except for above mentioned VUB can provide special information services and products for the customers in the field of textile industry.
VUB has created and operates specialized information server

Presentation of selected results of the MeTexCom
Presentation of selected results of the MeTexCom project at the 8th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference as poster (27. - 28.November 2014 in Dresden).
AFIS device
 Starting from January 2014 VUB a.s. operates AFIS device - testing instrument produced and delivered by reputable producer of textile testing devices Uster Technolgies (former Zellweger Uster). AFIS is a modular device intended for testing and analysing of 100% cotton samples in the form of bale, opened and cleaned material (card mat), sliver and roving. This device belongs to high-efficiency testing lines frequently called HVI (high volume instrument).
The 4th technical meeting of all participants involved in solution of MeTexCom project was hold on 24th October 2013. The main objective of mentioned international project MeTexCom is to develop novel polymer metal composites with superior adhesion behaviour between plasma pre-treated metal sheets and textile surface leading to extreme light weight structures with interesting acoustic features and insulating behaviour. Project team consists of German (STFI e.V. Chemnitz, TU Dresden) and Czech (VUB a.s., SVUM a.s.) partners under the coordination of FK Textil e.V. and Clutex - cluster technical textile.  (IH)