Single-purpose and special machines and devices

Design, development and manufacture of the single-purpose machines represents a key objective of Machinery Division of VUB Co.Ltd, Ústí nad Orlicí. Single-purpose and special machines „tailored“ in accordance with cutomer´s needs solve various manufacturing tasks that cannot be ensured by standard and ordinary machines. We can offer design, construction, development and manufacture of such special machines and devices. Although formerly we were specialised first of all on the textile machinery nowadays we can offer deliveries of special machines and devices for various industrial branches.


Our goal is to provide our clients with complex services. The deliveries of single-purpose and special machines and devices are realized based on individual requirements and needs of our customers, including the assembly and setting into operation in the place of destination, warranty and repair service and after-sales support. The quality is emphasized within the each step of realization of the orders; all the processes are ISO certified (ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005).

Manufacturing lines

Except of individual special and single-purpose machines we can offer deliveries of the whole manufacturing lines „tailored“ in accordance with the needs and manufacturing concepts of our customers. Such lines can be designed and delivered including necessary automation equipment.

Standard machining

Production of single-purpose machines and devices employs standard machining capacities of our Machinery Division. They are focused first of all on piece- and small-lot production of cutted parts on CNC cutting machines according to the drawings and/or models (e.g. spare parts) supplied by our customers. Except of cutting operations we can offer deliveries of welded constructions. All machines are operated by skilled operators.

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