Design and manufacture

In their work our design engineers use 3D-CAD Solid Works software. In the first phase our customer can get visulized view of designed parts or assemblies. It is also possible to create materialized models and parts using 3D printer

Our designers make use of their longtime experience with the design and creation of machines, lines, special single-purpose automatic devices, tools etc. for various industrial

At present they are focused first of all on the design and construction of:

  • single-purpose machines and devices
  • workstations for automotive industry
  • repairs and modernization of existing machines and devices
  • spare parts

With respect to the fact that our company has been for many years active in the field of research and development of textile machinery we can also make use of such knowledge in the sector of woven and nonwoven textiles or in other similar and/or related branches (e.g. wire processing)

Presentation of selected results of the MeTexCom
Presentation of selected results of the MeTexCom project at the 8th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference as poster (27. - 28.November 2014 in Dresden).
AFIS device
 Starting from January 2014 VUB a.s. operates AFIS device - testing instrument produced and delivered by reputable producer of textile testing devices Uster Technolgies (former Zellweger Uster). AFIS is a modular device intended for testing and analysing of 100% cotton samples in the form of bale, opened and cleaned material (card mat), sliver and roving. This device belongs to high-efficiency testing lines frequently called HVI (high volume instrument).